Hand crafted heirloom wooden toys.
My name is John, and I am from Dallas, Texas.
I am a small, but growing, cottage industry business.

Johnswoodentoys is committed to bringing the highest quality heirloom toys to your family that will that spark imagination, and inspire creative play. I believe toys should nurture creativity and imagination, as well as entertain.

In a world of "Made in China", "disposable", "buy it today-throw it away tomorrow" toys, our modern American society tells us to run to the nearest toy store or department store and grab a noisy plastic toy, that kids want or think they need.

You will find no such toys here! No batteries needed! No flashing lights, singing, shaking, jiggling toys, My toys are built to last, regardless of the next popular movie that comes along!

My toys, should they be damaged, are for the most part repairable. 
Have you ever tried to repair a plastic toy?
I don't think it can be done!

And while we are on the subject: IF one of my toys is damaged, contact me. Damage as a result of a crafting defect will be repaired or the toy will be replaced.

My Heirloom Quality toys are sturdy and are meant to be played with and loved for years.
They are built to last and to be handed down from one generation to the next.

I buy my materials locally and only use materials that I know are totally safe for your children. I do not use paints or wood that comes from China.
  I use non-toxic craft paints, dyes and varnishes, wheels and cords, all made in America.

I sell my crafts at craft shows and events in Texas.

Contact me for more information or to puchase a toy.