Hand crafted heirloom wooden toys.
These poguns are very popular at the craftshows and various events that I attend in Texas.
Boys and girls of all ages queue up to get their gun.
The barrels are wrapped in Ducttape featuring
all of the superhero's
Batman Superman Spiderman and the new Avengers
Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse Tinkerbell and Frozen
camoflage tapes
Pink Digital Mossy Oak
and geometric images
the stock is varnished
and that red "popper" on the end is securely fastened.
Crate of guns at a craft show.
Pop Guns
Pop Guns
Lot of noise and a lot of fun.
Send me a message indicating the tape requested.
Batman, Superman,Spiderman and the New Avengers.
Then there are Hello Kitty tapes various camo tapes
basically if you have seen a duct tape I have it.